Boston Heart Diagnostics

For many Americans, their very first symptom of cardiovascular disease is a heart attack or even sudden death. Routine check-ups and testing is vital in identifying and lowering the risks of cardiovascular disease. However, standard lipid panels only tell part of the story and often fail to capture a patient’s complete health risk. Boston Heart Diagnostics’ comprehensive testing offers exclusive and state-of-the-art biomarkers to help individualize treatment beyond what is possible with the standard lipid panel. Testing consists of a simple in-office blood draw, with results available in approximately two weeks. Our knowledgeable practitioners review the in-depth laboratory reports and provide each patient with an in-depth consultation, discussing the test results and interpretation, as well as clinical treatment consideration. With this innovative diagnostic testing, we are able to characterize risk, develop insight and communicate effective lifestyle changes with our patients.

Boston Heart Diagnostics is transforming the treatment of cardiovascular and related diseases with innovative diagnostics, personalized reports and lifestyle management solutions. Most insurance companies cover this comprehensive blood test. The process is easy! Call today to schedule an appointment for your Boston Heart Panel.

Protect Yourself Against Cardiovascular Disease With One Simple Blood Test.

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Are there requirements for testing?

Patients must fast for 12 hours before testing.

Boston Heart Diagnostics includes:
  • HDL Mapping
  • Cholesterol Balance Testing
  • Diabetes Risk Assessment
  • Fatty Acid Balance Testing
  • Comprehensive Lipid Panel
  • Metabolic Testing
  • Genetic Testing
  • Hormone Imbalance Testing

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